Mary Douglas interviewed by Alan Macfarlane 26th February 2006 - second part

0:00:05 Talks about the writing of "Natural Symbols" and the influence of Basil Berstein's work on families; adjusted his analysis to religions which was the basis of "Natural Symbols"; status and contract

0:04:10 Went to America in 1977 when invited to the Russell Sage Foundation by Aaron Wildavski; stayed in America for eleven years; tried to come back but couldn't get a job due to Thatcher cuts; taught at North-Western and Princeton; at North-Western was in the religion department which was a pity as I had just got interested in risk; invited to give the Gifford Lectures on natural religion; decided to base them on the book of Numbers

0:06:35 Became interested in risk through Aaron Wildavski and together wrote "Risk and Culture"; was working on "The World of Goods" when I went to America

0:09:27 Particularly liked the women's culture in American academia; returned to England in 1988 after three year's in Princeton; gave Gifford Lectures (1989) after which Graham Ord asked if I had read any of the commentaries on the Book of Numbers; found that these were highly critical but led to a deeper investigation into the structure of Numbers; applied insights to Leviticus; describes analysis; picture poems and Frances Yates' work; recalling  analysis of Book of Numbers; has book in press "Thinking in Circles"; Ernest Gellner