0:05:08 1963 study leave and work on Piero Sraffa's 'Production and Commodities by Means of Commodities' with Vincent Massaro; back in Adelaide, apart from working for the anti-war movement, persuaded to write on the capital theory debate for 'Journal of Economic Literature'; project grew, circulated a number of papers and as a result asked to write a book for Cambridge University Press on the debate; paper came out in JEL in 1969; got Leverhume exchange fellowship to go to Japan for three months; wrote first draft of the book of the survey in Tokyo; book 'Some Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capital' published 1972; came back to Cambridge at that time on a visiting fellowship to Clare Hall with the support of Charles Feinstein; gave many seminars and lectures on book; widely reviewed; value of humour and its dangers

16:11:20 Thought about staying in Cambridge but mother's illness made it difficult so went back to Australia; Joan Robinson would have liked me to go to Sussex University but decided to stay on at Adelaide, partly because of Eric Russell; he died in 1977 while I was in Canada at Toronto; liked the department but didn't want to leave Australia although agreed to go for a term every two years; department had been set up by Laurie Tarshis who had been at Keynes's lectures and wrote the first textbook on Keynsian economics, published in 1947; attacked by far right and book failed

22:20:00 Had long service leave in 1980 so went to Canada again and made friends with John Cohen, an economic historian; came to England in second half of 1980; they had just started the M.Phil and found myself examining the dissertations; lectureship became vacant; in late 70's Robert Neild had asked me to apply for a post in Cambridge but not successful; Maurice Dobb; Morgan Foster; left wing right wing feuds in department; John Eatwell and Adrian Wood; Richard Stone; Richard Goodwin; faculty remodelled in American pattern; Brian Pollett; Milton Friedman;

51:14:00 Came back to Cambridge in 1982; now writing history of Joan Robinson and her circle with Prue Kerr; intend to go back to live in Sydney; own children's successful careers