Interview with Pat Caplan    18th January 2004

0:01:00 Family background, links with empire, schooling

0:07:00 Doing African Studies at SOAS in the 1960s

0:09:00 Doing a masters in anthropology

0:11:00 First visit to Tanzania and finding Mafia 

0:13:00 Training for fieldwork by being an au pair in Europe

0:15:00 Getting to Mafia and early fieldwork

0:23:00 Major themes in fieldwork: kinship, land tenure and spirit possession

0:25:00 Difficulties of being a woman in the anthropology of the 1960s

0:27:00. Going to Nepal and difficulties of fieldwork there

0:29:30 First visit to Madras

0:30:30 Anthropological influences: Manchester School, Turner, Bailey, Cohen, Firth 

(some questions rather inaudible)

0:41:30 Doing gender, studying women’s organisations in India

0:42:00 Work on food and then risk

0:47:00 Major connecting themes and interests: ethics, social justice, bringing together personal political positions and academic work

0:49:00 Obstacles faced by women anthropologists: the London Women’s Anthropology Group

0:52:00 The founding of the anthropology department at Goldsmiths

0:55:30 Changes in anthropology re gender

0:57:30 Being married to an anthropologist

0:59:00 Future directions