The following contains a very rough, preliminary, draft of the book which was finally published as The Glass Bathyscaphe. This draft was completed about nine months before the final book. Many arguments are provisional, the footnotes have not been checked, and the order of informaton is different. However, the draft does contain many bibliographical details and quotations which cannot be found in the final published work. This extra information may be useful for those who wish to pursue the matter further or wish to know the background to certain statements in the published work. This webpage also provides an example of how books are written, with considerable changes in the structure of the argument and the mode of presentation continuing until the very end.

The draft chapters can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files.

1. Puzzles and Clues

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Glass in Western Eur-Asia

2. Glass in Western Eur-Asia to the Fall of Rome click here
3. Glass in Islamic Civilisation click here
4. Class in Western Europe from 400-1200 A.D. click here
5. Glass in Europe from 1100-1700

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Glass and Reliable Knowledge

6. The First Scientific Revolution click here
7. Glass and the Renaissance: Art click here
8. Glass and the Renaissance: Individualism click here
9. The Classic Scientific Revolution and Glass click here
10. Some other ways in which glass altered life in the west

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Glass in Central and Eastern Eur-Asia

11. Glass in India click here
12. Glass in China click here
13. Glass in Japan

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Clashes and Divergences

14. Glass and the Clash of Civilisations click here
15. Spectacles and Predicaments click here
16. Myopia: its comparative incidence and probable causes click here
17. Seeing Near and Seeing Far

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18. Effective Action and Reliable Knowledge click here
19. Bibliography click here