"Nandalal was measuring the length of the outside wall of Badrasing's house with a piece of wood which measured from the tip of his fingers to his elbow - the usual measure here. We asked what would happen to the old carved windows. Badrasing said they would be thrown away - not even burnt on the fire. We asked if we could have samples as this old carving is no longer done in the village. Badrasing said that his uncle had made them some 45 years ago - which dates the house." 30th January 1990 (Diary)

"Wanted to confirm wages per day, so asked Kancha after breakfast. He was going off to cut wood for Badrasing. He confirmed that payment per day for work like house-building is 35rs. without rice, 25rs. with. The Master-builder gets 45rs. without rice. Other work - manure spreading, etc. pays the equivalent of 1 pathi of grain - at present 15rs. with food. It has gone up from 12-13rs. last year." 30th January 1990 (Diary)

"Before returning to the house, we went to look at the beams the men (including Kancha) had brought down for Badrasing's new house. He has bought a tree, paying the Government 620rs. for it. He has to buy a licence to cut a tree. He will need at least one more tree. The beams, 9ft. x 9" x 6" would cost about 90rs. each in Pokhara." 30th January 1990 (Diary)

"Noticed that they are beginning to take down Badrasing's house. The platform stone has been removed, except at the edge, and they were gently lifting the slates off the verandah." 2nd March 1990 (Diary)

"Badrasing's first storey disappeared today. First the roof, the thatch, the wood, then the walls. Much of it pulled down by hand with gentle taps with a hammer occasionally." 4th March 1990 (Diary)

"The house-clearing didn't move much further as there were only two men at it today. Badrasing looking rather disconsolate. They did bring down a nice carved window which I cleaned up." 5th March 1990 (Diary)

Film sequences:

Nandalal measuring Badrasing's house prior to pulling it down

Debiram beginning to take down House22 carefully removing slates from the verandah roof

Men throwing thatch off roof of House22

women bundling it up and carrying it away

Wooden roof struts being removed from House22

Men knocking down first storey of House22.

Debiram breaking up a wall with a crowbar

Three workmen demolishing House22

Rebuilding Badrasing's house. Carpenter shaping a plank

Ground floor with new windows and door frame

Men building onto part of the ground floor walls which had been left standing. Badrasing watching

Badrasing walking on the beams for the first floor of his house to test them

Thak, 30th January, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th and 16th March 1990