"Went up to the forest with Dilmaya and Surje to bundle wood for the monsoon. (See Notebook2 for description). After sitting and watching, then filming for a while, we decided to help them, and we built up the bundles and Dilmaya tied them up. ['si ti keva' = to tie up bundles; 'si ti jonva' = to put wood in bundles]. After a single break for tea and noodles, having left about 10.00am. we arrived back at 5.30pm having tied 33 bundles in all. Tomorrow they will start to bring them down, though Kancha did carry one, while Dilmaya carried her 'pi' and the 'moigi chi' that Kancha had cut in a dull moment." (Diary)

"Monsoon wood: We are up in the forest where Surje has just started to make bundles of wood from a pile cut two month's ago, 21' long, 5' high and 3' across. This is their summer wood and will last for 3.5 months. It took 12 days to cut. He and Maili did a whole day. Other people also help, some freely because Surje has worked for them. Others he pays 15rs. per day and a meal of rice in the middle of the day. It is extremely hard work. This pile comprised six trees.

Surje brought up a bundle of bamboo which he splits and then breaks every 9" or so down the length. This is used to tie up the bundles. He sets a small post in the ground, lays a length of split bamboo on either side, then builds up the bundle against the post. Then he pulls the bundle together and sticks in another post making the diameter of the finished bundle. He then ties the bundle tightly with the bamboos, and rolls the bundle. He stands the bundle on end and hammers in a few more pieces of wood to make the bundle solid. The bundles probably weigh about 40-50kg. Tomorrow ten people will spend until nightfall carrying it down. Each bundle will last 2-3 days." (Notebook)

Video sequences:

Surje and Dilmaya bundling monsoon wood in the forest. Wood pile with Surje cracking and splitting bamboos for ties

Surje knocking in stick to mark end of bundle, two lengths of split bamboo on either side

Surje taking wood from the pile and bundling it

Tree stumps

Surje tying up a bundle of wood with split bamboo

Surje knocking further pieces of wood into the bundle to tighten it

Dilmaya making a bundle

Dilmaya taking splinter out of Surje's hands with pin

Dilmaya with a leech bite between her toes

Dilmaya making tea and cooking rice, with Sarah

Sarah and Dilmaya making bundles of wood

Tree stump, trees decimated by wood cutting

Many bundles of wood

Thak, 5th April 1991