"We had leave very fast as Dilmaya was waiting to go up to the forest to cut leaves for the buffalo, and Alan wanted to film there. We met others walking up, including Budibahadur poju's wife and a daughter of Jusbahadur. Kamiri from above also with us, and a small girl [Debikumari, House42]. We went far, passed a 'pro' where sons of Tilochan watch buffalo and make 'cugu'. Then down again into thicker undergrowth. It took us two and a half hours to get there. Legs rather wobbly. They cut and cut, climbing into trees and hanging over cliff sides, for two hours and ten minutes, then Dilmaya decided it was time to return. Kamiri said she had only a small bundle as she'd had less time than usual, but Dilmaya was concerned that we shouldn't be bored. Just wished we could have done something useful instead of feeling utterly useless. No way we could have carried the weight of the leaves without breaking our necks or backs. The walk back took two hours twenty-five minutes, laden as they were, but mercifully much of it downhill. Dilmaya then went into the house and produced 'prokeh' - 'chura' and tea, and now I expect she is cooking supper." (Diary)

Film sequence:


Dilmaya sharpening the sickle or ashi on a stone

Dilmaya removing a spinter from Tilkumari's finger

Women walking through the forest

Women walking down a narrow path through a wood

Women walking through a wood

Dilmaya cutting leaves of branches for fodder

Dilmaya scrambling up bank and cutting fodder

Dilmaya cutting fodder above

Ferns and vegetation

Dilmaya cutting fodder

Dilmaya tying up bundles of fodder

Dilmaya lifting load of fodder onto her back

Dilmaya tying up bundles of leaves, just two days feed for her buffalo

Dilmaya tying up bundle of leaves for Debikumari and then helps her lift it onto her back

Dilmaya carrying a very heavy load of fodder

Dilmaya and other women carrying loads of fodder up the path

Women carrying fodder. Pan up to cliff above the path

Closeup of Dilmaya's feet as she walks along carrying fodder

Women stopping for a rest

pan down to terraces and children playing in the school yard below

Women running down the steps from the school with fodder

Women walking into the village with fodder

Dilmaya arriving at our house with fodder

putting it in buffalo house. Untying bundle and feeding some to the buffalo

Thak, 26th January 1990