"A leisurely walk up - here about 1.30pm. To Alan's irritation, we heard the poju drumming and found that the 'pwelu' in Dilmaya's house had already started. ... Alan placated as the climax was yet to come. Dilmaya explained that they were doing it during the day so that people wouldn't get too tired. A sensible thing when they are so busy in the fields.

They had made the 'kaidu'. There were two poju, the Taprang man and another from Chipli. Kaila had been there, but retired to sleep. Noted the Taprang man used a spiral animal's horn instead of a conch. His drum skin was not kept tight like Yarjung's. This time, we were absorbed into the family. The poju mentioned us in the 'pye' where the family are named, and we were "blessed" with them. Our irritation was soon over with the friendliness of the people, thought it increased when Ganesh Gurung and the others walked in and plonked themselves down beside Surje who was soon 'tarava'. I spoke a little to him, but not much. Luckily, Badrasing took them off for supper before long and we were left to the climax and Surje's 'tarava'. All over by about 7.00pm. when we ate. Then to bed." (Diary)

Video sequences:

'Pwelu' at House31. Bombahadur plucking chicken, poju watches

Poju checking chicken liver

Poju chanting beside 'kaidu', Bolbahadur wearing poju's hat with long plaits

Poju blowing horn behind his drum

Poju drumming, to Dilmaya by fire

Surje, with Bolbahadur, and poju drumming

Dilmaya pours out a cup of liquid

Pojus drumming by 'kaidu'

From drummer to Dilmaya tending fire

Pojus drumming

Pojus drumming, to Surje, Bombahadur and child

Pojus drumming and chanting very fast


Poju sitting down but still drumming, to Surje and Bolbahadur

Munmaya, then Kowshila

Pojus, kneeling, drumming by 'kaidu', Surje crawls in front of camera, takes something out of bag

Women shaking slivers of bamboo with loops at ends towards the pojus

Bolbahadur lighting incense sticks on top of the 'kaidu'

Thak, 8th May 1992