"Alan decided to go with Surje to the forest to film him cutting wood for the monsoon. They cut big trees for this. One man cuts the tree down, then others chop it up. This wood was for Bishnu. She had expected more people to help, but only Surje and Alan turned up. Alan helped with the chopping, using a smaller axe as a wedge while Surje split the wood with a large axe. Bishnu also chopped, but when Alan took over she cut buffalo fodder for Surje. Dilmaya and Surje will go in a few days to collect their wood which is cut and drying. Alan didn't come back until it was getting dark." (Diary)

Video sequence:

Surje off with an axe to cut Bishnu's wood in the forest.

Surje splitting logs in forest for Bishnu who piles up the wood. Later she splits wood with an axe too. Bishnu's husband is away.

Stumps of hacked down forest trees cut for monsoon wood.

Bishnu giving Surje some water to drink, then they eat together with Bishnu's son Sukbahadur

Thak, 28th March 1991