"Dilmaya making 'kedu' ('gandru' with spinach alone) - drying vegetable leaves - cauliflower, old tough spinach, in the sun. This will be mixed with salt and eaten during the monsoon. Nothing is ever wasted." (Diary)

Video sequence:

Dilmaya picking spinach leaves in her garden.

Dilmaya carrying a basket of vegetable leaves along the path beside to the foot-beater ('kuni').

Cleaning the foot-beater.

Placing vegetable leaves in hole prior to beating, then Surje works the foot-beater while Dilmaya moves leaves in the hole.

Dilmaya empties the beaten leaves onto a winnowing tray outside her house then mixes millet flour with them. She then stuffs the leaf mixture into a large bamboo tube and beats them, piston fashion, down into the tube.

Dilmaya taking vegetable leaves that have been beaten and crushed out of a bamboo tube to dry on a mat in the sun, describing process to Alan.

Thak, 29th March and 2nd April 1993