Review of earlier draft by Gabriel Andrade. La Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela, 4th January 2006

Review of earlier draft by Dr Jun Sato, Cambridge University, 3rd August 2006 in English and Japanese

Comment from Andrew Barshay, Professor, Department of History, University of California, Berkeley, May 2007

'Travels in a Japanese Mirror' an e-mail correspondence between James Bennett and Alan Macfarlane (March-June 2007)

Review by Leslie Mason in The Bookbag (August 2007)

Review by Stefan Kosciuszko Chief Executive, Asia House, 24th August 2007

Comment by Professor Akira Hayami, Emeritus Professor of Economic History, Keio University, Japan, September 1st 2007

Email from Robert Precht 29th September 2007

Review by Mariko Kato from The Japan Times 7th October 2007

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Email from Professor Malcolm Benson, 2nd November 2007

Conversations on Japan and England 1990-2006