Patterns of Marriage

Main Question: How many marriage partners are there? What are monogamy and polygyny?

Introductory Terms | References

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Introductory Terms

Dowry: Transfer of wealth from bride’s parents to bride
Bridewealth/Brideprice: Transfer of wealth from groom’s kin to bride’s kin
Jointure: Wealth settled on bride by groom’s parents, in case of groom’s death
Polygyny: The marriage of one man to two or more women at the same time
Polyandry: The marriage of one woman to two or more men at the same time
Sororal: Of sisters (hence sororal polygyny = two or more sisters married to one man)
Adelphic: Of brothers (hence adelphic polyandry= two or more brothers married to one woman)
Levirate: "A custom whereby a woman preferably marries a brother of her deceased husband" (reciprocal = sororate; widower marries deceased wife’s sister)
Marital Dissolution: Includes death, separation, divorce
Marital Stability: Many distinct meanings, including stable jural relations irrespective of conjugal relations


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