Figure 2:1. A selection of major sources for the study of a community. (Starred items are illustrated below)

          	Private	            Autobiographies, Diaries, Letters
	                                 	Business accounts
		                                 Antiquarian collections
                                   Listings of inhabitants*

          	Public              	General descriptions and tours
	                                 	Literary works

          Church              Registers of baptisms etc.*
                                  Glebe terriers, Tythe awards
                                  Churchwarden's accounts
                                  Vestry minutes

          Chapel              Registers of baptisms etc.
                                  Minute books, Account books

          Poor Law          Officer's accounts

          School              Log books
                                  Governor's minute books

          Monastery        Cartularies

          Constables        Accounts
                                  Settlement orders
                                  Apprenticeship indentures

          Courts              Books and rolls**
                                  Views of frankpledge*

          Administration  Steward's accounts
                                   Surveys, Maps

          Corporation	      Journals and order books
	                                  Treasurer's accounts

          Courts              	Sessions order books-and rolls

          Trade               	Toll books and accounts

          Guild                  Ordinances
                                   Minute books, Account books
                                   Freemen's rolls or books
                                   Apprenticeship indentures

           Courts,             Order books
             quarter           Rolls
             petty              Minute books
             hundred          Accounts

           Lieutenancy      Muster rolls and books

           Administration  Ledgers, Bills and Vouchers 
                                   Poll books
                                   Enclosure papers and awards
                                   Registers of electors 
                                   Plans of public schemes 
                                   Minutes of committees

           Ad hoc,             Minute books
            	Turnpike         Accounts
            	Canal maps

           Industry           Company papers

deanery, Archdeanery, Bishopric, Archbishopric

           Probate           	Wills,* Bonds, Inventories*

           Marital             Licences, Bonds etc.

           Correction       Presentments,* Books

           Causes            Depositions, Process books

           Clergy             Institutions, Subscriptions

           Finance           Fee books, Terriers

           Visitations      Books, Licences

          	Lords              Journal
                                  Protestation returns
                                  Petitions, Private bills

           Commons        Journal
                                  Public and private acts
                                  Committee papers

Central: Administration
           	Chancery        Inquisitions post mortem
                                  Charter rolls, Patent rolls
                                  Close rolls, Fine rolls

            Other              Nineteenth-century census
                                  State papers Domestic
                                  Privy Council register

Central: Financial
           	Exchequer       Lay subsidies -
                                  Poll tax returns
                                  Hearth tax returns*
                                  Inquisitions post mortem

            Chancery        Inquisitions post mortem

            Treasury         Papers

Central: Common law
           	King's Bench    Coram rege rolls
                                   Ancient indictments

            Common pleas	Plea rolls
                                  	Feet of fines
	                                  Notes of fines

            Assises           Indictments
                                   Gaol books

Central: Equity
	           Chancery        	Proceedings

           	Exchequer       Bills and answers

Central: Prerogative
           	Courts of:       Proceedings, Depositions 
               Requests     Bills and answers etc.
	              Star Chamber
               Wards and liveries
               General Surveyors
               First fruits and Tenths
               High Commission
            Council of the North
            Council of Wales and the Marches

                                  Victoria County History
                                  Reference works
                                  Historical Monuments
                                            	Commission reports
                                  Guides to local records