Lecture 1. A rough map of social theory: 1000-2000 A.D.


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In order to place modern anthropology in its world context, a general overview of the major paradigms (world views) in social theory will be given: Circular, Enlightenment, Romantic, Evolutionary, Functionalist, Structuralist. Some of the reasons for change in paradigms and the nature of the questions and models behind each paradigm will be discussed.

E.E.Evans-Pritchard, The Nuer (1965), chapter on space and time.
Thomas Kuhn, The structure of Scientific Revolutions (1975)
Gellner introduction to Evans-Pritchard, History.
Macfarlane, Riddle, ch.1
Nisbet, Sociological Tradition, esp. chs. 1,2
Voget, History.