Over the years I have been involved in a number of experiments in the use of film for teaching and research. These include:

Recording an important seminar series on history and anthropology in 1976 and 1977

Interviews with numerous leading academics and others about their life and work

Filming lectures and seminars on history and anthropology

Working with Windfall Films to make a six-part history of the world in 1999

Collaborating with leading Chinese documentary film-makers to bring their work to the attention of a wider audience

Using Youtube to show samples of the films that are mostly available on this site for downloading in MP4 format. There are over 500 of these on the 'Ayabaya' channel and they can be located on this site by using the 'Search' function at the top of this page.

An informal introduction to Cambridge University and King's College Personal reflections on questions put by Kenong Guan and filmed by Xiaoxiao Yan on the 8th August 2006 and with later filmed interviews with Xu Bei. Also includes film of Simon Schaffer, Anthony Hewish, and Susan Francis describing places which are familiar to them.

A visit to Earls Colne in Essex, in August 2006 Discussions of the origins of English individualism and the reconstruction of the history of an English village. Also wider reflections on China, Japan, feudalism, capitalism, peasantry, property and other matters. Questions put by Kenong Guan and filmed by Xiaoxiao Yan

Short films on the life of Gurungs/Tamu with whom I have worked since 1969 Selections from the many hours of film that I have taken in and around Thak, near Pokhara, Nepal, to illustrate the lives of people in the village over time.