(Those marked [2013] are not original films but made later from the original lecture notes)

‘Historical Anthropology’, Frazer Memorial Lecture, University of Liverpool 1974 [Second Part] [2013]

‘Modes of Reproduction’, Malinowski Memorial Lecture, London School of Economics, February 1978 [2013]

‘On Individualism’, Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Lecture 1992 [2013]

‘Illth and Wealth’, Marrett Memorial Lecture, Exeter College, Oxford, 1995 [2013]

‘The Riddle of the World’, Delhi School of Economics Golden Jubilee Lecture, 1999 [2013]

‘F.W. Maitland and the Making of the Modern World’, Maitland Memorial Lecture, Cambridge 2000 [2013]

‘Fukuzawa Yukichi and Maruyama Masao – Two Visions of Japan’, Maruyama Memorial Lecture (1), Berkeley, California, 2005 [2013]

‘Fukuzawa and Maruyama – How to Understand Japan’, Maruyama Memorial Lecture (2), Berkeley, California, 2005 [2013]

‘On Enchantment’, Garrod Lecture, Macdonald Institute, Cambridge, 2008 [2013]

'Anthropology, Empire and Modernity', Huxley Memorial Lecture, British Museum, 2012 [Introduction]

'The East and the West: Reflections on China and Europe' First Sir Jack Goody Public Lecture on 9th April 2014 at the University of Malta

'History and Anthropology', Li An-Che Lecture at Sichuan University, November 2016 [Second Part]



What is Social Anthropology? A brief introduction. 2008

Some Technical Terms used by Anthropologists [TEXT]

Introduction to Social Anthropology – an overview. 4 films shot in 1988

Introduction to Kinship and Marriage 10 films shot in 1984

Politics and Economic Life [Films]

Strategies of Survival

Introduction to Religion and Ritual given by Dr Stephen Hugh-Jones [Films]

Symbols, Language and Communication given by Dr Mark Turin [Films]


Lectures on Special Topics in Legal Anthropology

Classical Social Theorists

Changing Paradigms in the Social Sciences [diagram]

Cosmologies of Capitalism Fifteen lectures on the major paradigms in the social sciences over the last 500 years


'53 minute video on doing fieldwork'

'Reflections on fieldwork among the Gurungs of Nepal'

‘Ethics for Social Anthropological Fieldwork’, Seminar in Cambridge for Ph.D. students, 2006

‘How to write – beyond the essay. Some reflections for those writing a thesis or book’, interview with a graduate student in Cambridge, 2008

‘Pathways of Creativity: Some Reflections’, interview filmed by Alex Skinner, June 2009

'Some Advice on Life and Work', After dinner talk, SPS Society, Cambridge, May 2009

'On Crossing Boundaries', Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Cambridge 2009

'Creative writing - some reflections' , A lecture given to students at Sichuan University in October 2016. [ Part Two]


[This is a selection, in date of delivering]

'China and the West', Cambridge China Forum, 2009 [2013]

‘Are there Laws in History and Anthropology’, Central European University, Budapest, 2009 (Launch of the Hungarian edition of 'Letters to Lily')

‘Anthropology, history and memory’, Lecture at Peking University 2012.

‘China and Japan: a critical relationship’, China Society, University of Cambridge, 2006 [2013]

‘De Tocqueville in Japan’, Jowett Society, Oxford, 1995 [2013]

‘Digital Himalaya: Nepal in Context’, British Nepal Association Annual Lecture, 2003 [2013]

‘Fernand Braudel and Global History’, Institute of Historical Research, London, 1996 [2013]

‘Glass and its effects on science and art’, lecture to students in 2002 [2013]

‘Industrial Capitalism – some reflections on its origins’, Worcester College, Oxford, history society 1994 [2013]

‘Japan in an English Mirror’, lecture to students in Cambridge, 1994 [2013]

‘Japan through the looking glass’, Oxford University Asia-Pacific Society 2006 [2013]

‘Japan’s resilience: a year after the tsunami’, talk in Cambridge to commemorate the first anniversary, 2012 [2013]

‘Kurosawa’s film “Rashomon”’, Cinema Seminar, Cambridge 2005 [2013]

‘Laws in History and Anthropology’, talk at Cornell University, April 2004

‘Letters to Lily on How the World Works: an introduction’, to Wuhan no 11 Middle School, China, 2003

‘Love and Capitalism’, University of Virginia, September 1986 [Second Part] [2013]

‘Peasant and Capitalist Morality’, talk given at Sheila Ogilvy's seminar, Trinity College, Cambridge, March 1991 [2013]

‘Reflections on the “Great Divergence”’ between China and the West: Reliable Knowledge’, Lecture in Beijing, 2002 [2013]

‘Socialism and Imagined Empires’, Max Planck Institute, Halle, May 2010

‘The Empire of Tea’, talk at Peking University in 2003 [2013]

‘The future of social change – tendencies and traps’, British Telecom Conference 2006 [2013]

‘The idea of universities in the East and West’, Christian Women’s University, Tokyo. October 2009

‘The Making of the Modern World’, Grimsby Historical Association, 2002 [2013]

‘The Peculiarity of the English’, Anglo-Polish Conference, Warsaw, September 2011 [2013]

‘Traps and Tendencies’, Conference on Glass at King’s College, Cambridge, 2003

‘What makes the University of Cambridge special?’ Anniversary talk at Cambridge Folk Museum, 2009 [2013]

‘Why were the English and Japanese so healthy? The role of tea.’ Talk at the Cambridge Group for Population 1995 [2013]

‘Studying English witchcraft; what I have learnt’, talk originally given to Dulwich College, London in 2013 [2013]

‘The development of reliable knowledge’, talk at a conference in April 1999, with Gerry Martin [2013]

‘Reflections on thirty-four years of research in the Department of Social Anthropology’, filmed by Xu Bei, Summer 2009

'A World Without a World View: The Condition of Post-Modernity', an informal talk, filmed April 2014.

'Film and its use in South Asian anthropology: past and future ', talk given at the Visual Anthropology and Contemporary South Asian History conference, April 2014

'Four Civilizations - China, Islam, Europe, Anglo-sphere', lecture given at Clare Hall, Cambridge. Part of the 50th Anniversary Lecture series to celebrate the the founding of Clare Hall, May 2016.

'Family and State in Britain and China', talk hosted by the Resolution Foundation and the China Media Centre, June 2016. [Second Part]

'Sir Jack Goody - memories of his life and work', one of a series of talks at St John's College, Cambridge, July 2016.

'Five Civilizations - China, Japan, Islam, Europe and Anglosphere', lecture given at Sichuan University, 25th October 2016.

'How to understand the world', lecture given at Sichuan University, 26th October 2016.

'Green Gold - the Empire of Tea', lecture given at the Benhuan Academy of Buddhism, Shenzhen, 2nd November 2016.

'Work and Machines', lecture given at Sichuan University, 15th November 2016.

'The Health and Ageing Revolution', lecture given at Sichuan University, 15th November 2016.

'Multi-culturalism', lecture given at Sichuan University, 16th November 2016.

'Democracy and Civil Society', lecture given at Sichuan University, 16th November 2016.

'Reflections on fifty years of fieldwork among the Gurungs of Nepal', talk given to the Social Science Bahar in Kathmandu, October 2017

'Education in China and the West Compared', talk given at a seminar for the Kaifeng Foundation, Beijing, November 2017

'The Sinosphere Simplified', talk given at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, January 2018


'The Invention of the Modern World' – Seventeen lectures, being the Wang Gouwei Lectures, Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, Tsinghua University, Beijing. 2011 [See also the full version of these lectures published in The Fortnightly Review under the same title]

Letters to Lily: how to understand the world. 30 talks filmed in 2012 based on the chapters of the book (2005)

The Harmony of Civilisations. Four workshops on China, Japan, Europe and the Anglosphere, given at Sichuan University in China on 4-5 November 2015